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Breaker Breaker


Breaker Breaker is a high energy rock n roll band based out of Portland, Oregon.

The Power trio is driven by the combined forces of guitarist/singer/songwriter Timmy Rokket, Bassist and high kick extraordinaire Eli-Ryder, and heavy hitting drum God Matty Wyles. The band was formed 3 years ago and has since been rocking steady across the states. With two DIY tours under their belt, and one full length album entitled “Wreckin’ Macine”, the 3 young rockers have been direct support for legendary rock acts such as Lita Ford, Steel Panther, Uli Jon Roth, Warrant, and Jackyl. Along with many legendary puck rock n roll bands like Agent Orange, The Dwarves, and FANG.

BREAKER BREAKER is known for their high energy and crowd engaging live performances and sometimes “show boating” guitar work. They are one of a few younger bands who pulls influences from 70’s and 80’s Heavy Metal and Rock n Roll bands such as Van Halen, ACDC and Guns n Roses, but also have a modern twist with more of a  “punk rock’ approach with their high octane speed and catchy hooks.

It’s a little known fact that in the book of revelations ’twas written in stone. “One day a band will come. And now they’re here to come again, in your ear pussies.”

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